Edit  – verb ed·it \ˈe-dət\  (Merriam-Webster)
: to prepare (something written) to be published or used : to make changes, correct mistakes, etc., in (something written)


Emerald_ .3 inchThe Emerald Line

1.5 cents per word

Proofreading is the final stage of editorial work before your gem is sent out on its journey towards its final quest for query or publication.

What will we do?

We edit your treasure at the sentence level: a word-by-word and sentence-by-sentence revision for: paragraph and sentence structure, word use, and repetition. In this edit, your dragons will also look for issues of clarity and inconsistencies to make sure all sentences read smooth and clear. This level of edit also includes ensuring sentences and paragraphs conform to accepted rules of grammar, style, diction, word usage (to/too/two, there/their/they’re), spelling, and punctuation. We shall also offer suggestions for clarity.



The Content Ruby  Ruby_ .3 inch

 2 – 4 cents per word (Based on level of edit required)

Content editing looks at the big picture, the novel as a whole. 

What will we do?

Your editing beasts understand the key to content edits is consistency. This includes looking for consistency of mechanics, world building and world rules, as well as consistent character behaviors, descriptions, reactions, and dialogue. We also look for overall readability, ensuring everything makes sense, and has a plausible plotline.

This is not a line edit, but an overall summary of the book.


On page 22, your protagonist was a green-eyed redhead named Denise, but on page 156, she shows up and is blonde and going by Jenny.

For the first half, you used t-shirt, then started using T-Shirt.

Or, for the first part of your treasure, you capitalized your government name, We Take All, but later you format it like We take All.

***We do NOT fact check for any other issues, including real locations, historical accuracy, and so forth.


Diamond_.3 inchThe Comprehensive Diamond

 3 – 5 cents per word (Based on level of edit required)

The unheralded beauty of our comprehensive edit includes everything from both The Content Ruby and The Emerald Line.

What will we do?

Each editing beast will look at your story as a whole, and point out areas of strengths and weaknesses, as well as go line by line and edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so forth. 



Amethyst_ .3 inch

The Amethyst—Query/Blurb Assistance                                                                      

$ 30


When trying to attract the attention of the mysterious Agent or Traditional Publisher, your query must bespell your intended prey. Your query should include information about you and your accomplishments, an alluring hook, and a blurb-type explanation about your book. Like the blurb, this is your selling tool – you want to entice your chosen agent or publisher, so they may share your beauty with readers.

Need an example? Look at any Agent’s website. They get thousands of queries–each month!

What will we do?

Both editing beasts will assist in polishing your query by ensuring you have a solid treasure, with enough shine to attract wanted attention. 


Your query has nabbed your beloved agent or publisher, you have the epitome of an award-winning cover, so why do you need a blurb?

Remember, you want to become legendary. To achieve such an outcome your gem must resonant through the ages, passing from one reader’s hands to another. The blurb is the “About the book” usually found on the back cover. The blurb does double duty as the selling paragraphs in the product description on store websites.

Like the most stunning of jewels, blurbs must lure a reader in to the depths of your pages. It should provide enough of your story to whet your reader’s appetite. If you dilute its beauty with too much information, or numerous, unclear details, your blurb will lose its potency leaving your gem buried in the dust of ages.

What will we do?

Your editing beasts will read for clarity and confusion, point out unclear facets, line edit each sentence, and suggest ingredients to make your blurb irresistible.


How Do I Share My Gold?

Wicked Dragon currently accepts PAYPAL. You do not need an account to use PayPal. This allows you to use any payment type you prefer, and keeps your information secure.

Wicked Dragon holds to the first come, first served rule, but like yours, our time is valuable, which is why we require a $100 non-refundable deposit on our editing packages to lock in your scheduled spot. Never fear, your gold will be applied to your tally, reducing your final cost.


Booking a Date – When you’re ready to set off on your adventure, we will send you an invoice for your $100 non-refundable deposit (applied to balance). With your deposit paid, your requested dates will be locked in as your editing time.

Half of Balance Due – When you email your Treasured Word Collection (manuscript) for your editing spot, we ask you to pay half of your balance due before your beasts begin their work.

Remaining Balance Due – At the time we send your edited gems (documents) and editorial reviews, we will include an invoice for payment of remaining balance. This is due within 3 business days.

The Amethyst requires payment upon completion.

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