What the Journey Will Entail…

Every epic adventure must adhere to a timeline, and your editing beasts are similarly constrained. Your edits will begin, once your initial payment is received. Our usual turn-around time at Wicked Dragon is 10-14 business days.

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Submitting to Your Dragons

All edits are done in MS Word using Track Changes, which means you will be able to see all comments and changes from your editors, while keeping the ability to accept or reject each editing suggestion based on your book’s needs.

Your editing beasts will mark their comments, changes, and suggestions using “Track Changes” in separate word documents. They will also include a 1-2 page Editor Review, where each beast will provide you with overall feedback/concerns/comments on your treasure.

Your manuscript will go under both editors’ gimlet eyes. We do not use automated editing programs. We really read each and every word.

When your gem is ready to be returned to your hands, you will receive one email with two copies of your work, complete with each beast’s edits, and two Editor Reviews attached. You can then look at them individually, as well as side-by-side for comparison.

We will NEVER change YOUR story, your writing, or your voice.

You are the creator of your precious gem, its final presentation is in your hands.

Remember, writing (much like reading) is subjective, we are here to offer our humble opinion but we have not reached exalted, holy status where our word is the unbreakable law. Therefore, we will show corrections, and in some cases, suggest examples for rewriting, but the story is yours. Not ours.

What Type Of Genre Gems Will You Take?

We accept most genres—including any sub-genre of romance, paranormal, urban fantasy, as well as horror, suspense, mystery, thriller, new adult, and erotic. Anything else, just email and ask, as long as it doesn’t fall in the genres we do NOT edit.

Specific genres we don’t edit include:

– Christian or Inspirational          – Hard core sci-fi          – Epic Fantasy         

– Literary Fiction          – Non-fiction

***NOTE – we will not accept the following subject matter:

Anything depraved or illegal presented in a positive light or as titillation: pedophilia, rape/non-consensual sex, incest, pseudo-incest, necrophilia, bestiality, and racial intolerance. Please note that in our sexually explicit material all characters must be at least eighteen.


We understand how a master craftsperson may worry about their creation, and welcome queries as to our processes. We can always be reached at:



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