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We are here to help add the final polish to your hoarded gem, transforming it into the epic treasure readers will cherish.

During your journey you’ve discovered editors abound. So have we. Not because of our crystal balls, but because we’ve traversed the same paths, trying to find the magical fit for our written treasures.

The right editor will not only be experienced and educated, but will understand each story contains facets of creations unique to their genre. As with any master craftsman, an editor will devour written gems by the armful, regardless of genre. No one goes after a treasure without a map, and editors will arm themselves with industry knowledge to ensure a successful epic quest.

Why us?

Your gem receives the attention of two phenomenal editing beasts, while you only pay for the price of one. You work hard for your gold, and so do we.

In the writing world there is a long-standing debate of what’s more important, plot or character? If you ask ten people, you may get ten different answers. We believe both are equally important, and we give both areas of your novel the attention it deserves.

Each written gem is a unique collection of voice, plot, and characters. We will never rewrite your story. Many times, we will provide an example, and an explanation as to why we think a change is necessary. In this way, we act not only as editors for your current book, but as mentors – learning new ways to improve craft can benefit all future writing and self-editing.

Additionally, we don’t only point out weak areas. To us, it’s important for all authors to understand both craft areas we can improve, and where we shine—so we can do more of that, too!

Our experience

– Over 13 combined years of continuous editing experience between your editing dragons, Jami and Amber.

– No challenge—grammar, sentence structure, story craft—daunts your dragons. Currently editing for a small publisher, Jami is armed with a degree in Journalism and years of creating corporate communications, while Amber wields a degree in English Education. Together we can bring your diamond in the rough to brilliant life.

– Your dragons have extensive experience in multiple genres, not simply as editors and writers, but as avid, critical readers. Neither beast is happy unless there are multiple gems stashed in our hoards. Our hunger is legendary—a novel a day—regardless of genre.

– Epic journeys require preparation. From querying an agent or publisher, facing down the cursed synopsis, sharpening your gem’s blurb, to the windy trails of indie publishing, your dragons are there to burn away the rough edges.

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